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Add new coin to listing

Hello, Visitor!
You are in section where you can add new coins to our exchange!


We will open soon and it's a special offer to be in the list of first main coins. After prelaunch listing process will be automated from voting section and there won't be personal or direct listings. Why special offer is good? That way you will avoid voting system by users and will be directly added on system on the launch.

Don't get confused! Our first priority are the users! So this limited offer will help you to get listed on the launch of our exchange, but we will make a serious selection of all applications to select the best coins.

After verification of your project, our team will enter in contact with you and discuss the details. As well there will be a listing fee.

So, no more talking and lets go to action!

Please, fill your data carefully:

Nice name!
You should pick a name, for example Bitcoin, LiteBitcoin...
Cool Acronym/Ticker!
You should pick a ticker, for example BTC, LBTC...

You should write the algorith that your coin uses!
You should write the actual Block Height!

You should write coin Total Supply!
You should write the coin Max Supply!
Not bad!
You should write the actual Pre-Mine!

Oh, ok.
You should tell us the min commission of your coin transaction!
Time never stops... =D
You should tell us the block time!

Nice language!
You should tell us which language your Devs speak!
You should select a network type!
You should select the right option!

Thanks, we will check that.
Seems that you forgot to tell us the Source Link to GIT...
Seems that you forgot to tell us the Explorer...
We'll read this, thanks!
Seems that you forgot to tell us the bitcointalk topic...

Do you have website?
We need it to contact you after taking a decision.
You should tell us the coin twitter!
We need to have your official Telegram Group.